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Child Health Association of Sewickley

Child Health Grants

In 2020, we made an adjustment to the timeline for our grant process. Please check the Grants page for more details.

At that time, we also made some adjustments to our grant process. Please download the new PDF file on the Grants page for details.

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we build our community

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The Child Health Association of Sewickley is celebrating almost 100 years as an all-volunteer non-profit women's organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children in western Pennsylvania. Through charitable giving and volunteer service, Child Health's mission is to nurture the whole child by supporting programs and services that directly address children's emotional, physical, educational, cultural and recreational needs.


Founded in 1923 by four visionary women to provide milk to undernourished children, nearly 1,400 extraordinary women have expanded that vision through the years and exceed all expectations of what a small group of women can do.


The heart of Child Health today is as it has always been: supporting programs and services for children with real needs and programs to challenge and inspire children to reach their full potential. Early members' work was impactful; they funded well-baby and dental clinics, public health nurses for schools and community visits, fluoride treatment, polio vaccines, playgrounds, a pacemaker, a birthing room and a neonatal monitor for a local hospital.


Today, Child Health funds several large well-known organizations with established track records. However, it is the ability to help small grass-roots organizations that are addressing the emerging critical needs of children that sets us apart from large corporate or private philanthropic foundations. After reviewing grant requests, visiting programs and interviewing staff, Child Health typically gives $100,000 annually to qualified organizations working directly with children. To date, over $4.7 million (not adjusted for inflation) in grants have been awarded.


Today's 60 Active Child Health Members and caring constituency of Affiliate and Associate Members continue to be adventurous women who are not content to stand on profound accomplishments. After 97 years, we are still an all-volunteer organization, we have evolved as the world we live in has changed, and we continue to impact the quality of life for children.